As your reach to the audience increases and you become a known figure, the possibility of false accusations, defamations and misinformation also takes a high road. Ultimately, maligning your hard earned fame

Factless comments and unsolicited or forged pictures of you spread on the internet round and round spoiling the aesthetics of your true personality that you would want to reflect to your audience the internet

To protect your reputation from such a havoc a professional celebrity reputation management company like Digilink Ads comes into play


A celebrity being a public figure devotes their life just to build their reputation and name in the eyes of the public. But unfortunately when their reputation is challenged on the internet their lives come to an existential crisis and their career starts to fall apart

Considering which every public figure be it an Actor, musician, influencer, sportsperson, activist or famous in any profession must hire a celebrity reputation management agency to safeguard their image and protect them against trollers.


Digilink Ads at its core is a tech enabled digital marketing agency that offers full complete package of online reputation management including social media and online advertisement.

  1. Analysing current status
    Before proceeding towards the next step and imposing new image building campaigns. It is essential to study existing personal profiles on social media and go through news bulletins related to you. This is necessary to understand your personality and vibe. And also to understand your audience

  2. Damage control
    You cannot construct a new building without catering to the flaws in the foundation. Hence, before painting any new public image it becomes mandatory to deal with and rectify the existing negatives associated with your name

  3. Enhance Online presence
    For the audience to resonate with you, it is essential to keep yourself visible to your audience and stay active with different projects online and offline so that there is a buzz around you quite often. We maximize online channels that adds to your presence

  4. Social media optimization
    In recent times social media has become the biggest platform for driving engagement and reach to the audience. With the help our designing and social media team we create stupendous campaigns that brings you closer to becoming a social media star


For effective image management on the internet you need an online reputation management company for celebrities just like Digilink Ads that will become your partner in effective reputation management through its following services:

    Celebrities are easily accessible on the net through their personal profiles making them soft targets for good and bad controversies. As your celebrity reputation partner we manage your profiles through a strategic planning considering what works the best for you

    The industry of online branding depends highly upon the comments and reviews posted about you. Naturally, not everyone is a fan of you and are free to write indecent things about you. We take charge of managing and moderating such comments benefiting your online reputation and personal peace

    It is our responsibility to ensure that every news article that aligns with your good reputation gets a boost from our end through our exceptional SEO and SMO techniques. We try and keep your positive remarks at the forefront of search engine results.
    As a top reputation management agency for celebrities we extend full support in your unfortunate situation. By chance if you get stuck into a case of false defamation leading to negative publicity we take charge into our hands and run extensive defence advertising campaigns against the defamation to clear your name out of it