Website content that is useless to the audience and does not add any value to their life or guide them correctly can have a negative impact on the search engine ranking of the website. Due to which your website becomes like a needle in the haystack and hence undiscoverable .

Excellent SEO friendly copywriting can work like a knight in the shining armour for your business and fetch you a higher position on SERPs (Search engine results page) that can ultimately drive more traffic and sales to your website .


Search engine friendly copywriting is not an amateur’s job. Only seo professionals with right skills and expertise are capable of frame brilliant copy content for you that will be in accordance with google’s algorithm for ranking website .


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Let’s understand all the nuances of seo copywriting .

    Anyone even with the minimum seo knowledge would understand the significance of keywords in search engine optimization and especially in SEO copywriting. As an established seo company we not only look for relevant keywords but find the right keywords that produce high volume results .
    The job does not end at finding high performing keywords but also includes the best use of the selected keywords. The keywords only makes sense when they are inserted in the right string .
    As a seo copywriter we practise finding a unique angle related to your keyword and compose interesting and engaging content around it. It is advisable to type your keyword in google search bar before beginning to write. Look for the type of articles that tops the page and strategize yours accordingly .
    Being experienced seo copywriters we aim to fit keywords tactically within the entire text so that it goes naturally with the flow .
    After the entire content is ready, now is the time to revise and rewrite. By rewriting we don’t mean writing the entire article again. Read your article at least three times and edit it for good .
    Improve upon structure, sentence or paragraph length, spellings, grammatical errors,etc. In other words, make your content more readable by eliminating maximum errors .
    After satisfactory completion and improvisation of the article go ahead and publish it. If you use wordpress go with Ahrefs extension for smooth seo .
    Optimising content has two further divisions when talking about seo copywriting .

Meta Description: Add inviting and catchy description of your page in about 3-4 lines that is displayed on search results page

URL length: To add a pinch of sophistication and professionalism it is always advisable to shorten your URL length. Compact URLs can also impact to google ranking for good .



Dealing with seo copywriting for years we have discovered all the bits and pieces of a good content copy that can affect the overall impact of your written copy

  1. Title in H1
    The title deserves the maximum attention. Hence it’s the only heading that needs to be in H1 .
  2. H2 and H3 for headings
    Title, heading and subheadings go in a linear way. Since H1 is used for the title, go with H2 for heading, H3 for subheadings, and H4 for further heads under subheading .
  3. Introduction
    After writing a catchy heading in H1 tag, write an introductory paragraph including a keyword into it. First paragraph can be as short as 3-4 lines and as long as you want.
    But short paragraphs are a preferred length. Lengthy paragraphs can bore and avert the readers .
  4. Inclusion of keyword
    Keyword is the most important part of your content copy and needs to be incorporated multiple times. We don’t suggest stuffing the same keyword repeatedly. But, using keywords 5-6 times is healthy and essential in a 500 word article. Try using keyword in title, heading, first paragraph, subordinate paragraphs, meta title and meta description .
  5. Call to action
    CTA or call to action is a smart way of engaging and retaining an audience. Provide the readers with internal links, buy button, subscribe to button, contact icon, and more


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  1. Website content
  2. Landing page copy
  3. Blog writing
  4. Article writing
  5. Promotional material

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