The Most Challenging Parts of the Content-Led Link Building Process

What is Link Building?

Link building is the practice of obtaining links to your website from other websites. The higher you rank in search engine results pages, the more high-quality backlinks you have (SERPs).

Why is link building so challenging?

The explanation comes in the fact that there are numerous aspects at play in this process, including obtaining sufficient traffic, locating high-quality material to distribute, and developing an online persona. These three aspects must not only be good on their own, but also work together as a unit.

You’ll learn why link-building is so difficult and how to overcome the obstacles in the sections below.

  1. Link Building is a Manual Process
    The fact that link building is a manual operation is one of the reasons why it is so difficult. There are no shortcuts to earning links, and no robotic systems or services will ever be able to do the work for you.

    To ensure that your link-building activities pay off, you’ll need to put in the effort. On a monthly basis, content creation and even SEO can be automated.

    When it comes to link-building, however, you’ll have to do it manually. Otherwise, your messages to other website owners will appear to have been sent by bots, will be marked as spam, or will be ignored.

  2. Link Building is Time-Consuming
    While you could hire content writers or SEO specialists with experience in this industry to outsource link-building work to our team, you’ll still be wasting your time on chores that don’t immediately contribute to conversions for your company.

    This is why we suggest looking into an alternative method of obtaining links without the difficulty!

    We provide economical manual link-building services of great quality. This way, you’ll spend less time on tedious manual work and more time on tasks that are far more vital than simply getting backlinks.

  3. Many Website Owners Will Often Ignore You
    The majority of website owners will simply ignore your campaign. This is due to their busy schedules or the fact that they do not want your site’s material to appear in their blog post.

    This isn’t a one-time occurrence. A link-building effort may require several messages to yield results. Finding employees who have time may be difficult and exhausting, especially when you could be performing more productive things that will help your business develop in the meanwhile.

    We’ve had a lot of success with our manual outreach programmes, so we understand how challenging these kinds of marketing campaigns can be. We know what goes into acquiring links from other websites and why it’s so vital for your business’s SEO rankings and conversion rates.

  4. Link Building Sometimes Can Cost Money
    Link building may appear to be a cost-free digital marketing strategy at first glance. It is, in many ways. It’s feasible that you won’t have to pay any money if you run an aggressive link-building campaign.

    However, there is no such thing as a free link when time is considered money and the principle of opportunity cost is applied. Whether backlinks are obtained organically or through outreach, someone had to put in the effort to get them. Even though it doesn’t appear on a line item in your financial statements, it has a cost.

    Link-building takes time, is difficult, and occasionally involves a financial investment. As a result, we recommend that you consider our team for your manual link-building requirements.

    If you don’t want to put in the time and effort to manually generate connections for your website, you might pay for link building services instead.

  5. All Links Aren’t the Same
    The last point we’d like to make is that not all links are created equal. To rank in SERPs on as many pages as possible, it’s critical that your link-building plan is varied and covers a range of platforms.

    Link diversity can also assist you avoid being penalised by Google engines because it will demonstrate that your website has high authority across many industries, indicating that they are more likely to believe what you have to say on any subject.

    Link-building is challenging since it takes time and is difficult to obtain links from sites with low domain authority (DA). These links may or may not have an impact on the SEO ranking of your website.

    Obtaining high DA links, on the other hand, is significantly more difficult. Link-building is similar to purchasing real estate. Making money is an uphill battle once you get started. The task, however, becomes a lot easier over time.