Google Word Coach: Find New Keywords In A Fun Way

As we can see, Google is becoming smarter by the day, and its new game “Google Word Coach” is guiding users in expanding their English vocabulary and language skills in a fun way.

What is Google word coach?

Only a few people are aware of Google Word Coach. It’s a fun game that comes up in the search results. It’s a game based on vocabulary that Google created to help us improve our English. It’s a fantastic initiative by Google for non-native English speakers who are struggling with the language.

It assists individuals in improving their English speaking and learning abilities. Those with decent English language abilities who wish to spend their time doing something productive can also play this game for fun and enjoyment.

This fantastic function of Google Word Coach has been introduced to the Google Search dictionary and translate boxes. The Word Coach game appears beneath the dictionary or translate box when you search for any word in Google.

When did Google word coach come into action?

In February 2018, the game Google Word Coach was released in non-English speaking regions. This game is not visible in US search results or in other countries where English is already spoken as a first language. It is mostly for people from non-English speaking countries, such as India, who frequently use Google to look up the definitions and translations of various English words and sentences in order to expand their English language vocabulary.

How to play Google word coach game?

To begin, access Term Coach by searching for the definition or translation of any English word, or simply typing ‘Google Word Coach’ into Google. For the time being, it only appears on mobile phones and for countries outside of the United States.

Currently there are three types of questions being asked at google word coach

  1. Which word is similar to? (Synonym Question Quiz)
  2. Which word is opposite to? (Antonym Question Quiz)
  3. Which Image best fits the word? (Image Question Quiz)

Image-based questions are always easier to answer than other types of questions. The questions will appear to be quite easy at first, but they will become more difficult as time goes on. Each round of the game consists of five questions for which you must choose one of two answers. In the game, there is also the option of skipping.

How many levels are there in the game?

The Word Coach Game currently has only two levels. After a few games, you’ll notice a button to level up. After then, you’ll be taken to the second level, which has no finish. You are free to play as many times as you like. You will be levelled up if you have correctly answered all five questions in the Level 1 quiz. In comparison to the previous level, the next one is a little more difficult. When you correctly answer every question, you will receive roughly 200 points in the form of a reward. The number of points awarded varies depending on the level of difficulty.

How to play a word coach game?

Let us understand step wise that how can you actually play this fun word coach game

To begin, type “Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach” into the Google Search Engine. You can also open it by simply searching for the definition of any word in Google. A little box will display in the search result after that. If you Google “Word Coach,” you’ll find it. It will then show up at the top of the search results. If you’ve looked up a term in the Google dictionary or the translation card box, it may appear below.

In the Card, You will see a Question Like

  1. Which word is similar to?
  2. Which word is opposite to?
  3. Which Image best fits the word?
  4. What is shown in this image?

Let’s understand the detailed course of the game

  1. There are two options for each question. You must choose the correct response from the two choices.

  2. The majority of the questions are about similar words, opposite terms, and sometimes you have to pick from a list of images.

  3. You will be moved to the next question once you have given the correct answer. The best thing is that even if you select the incorrect answer, you can still proceed to the next question. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

  4. Green Colour Mark appears when you tap on the correct answer. If your response is incorrect, you will receive a Red Colour Mark.

  5. You can also skip a question if you don’t know the answer to it. The game’s Skip button is located at the bottom right corner.

  6. You will receive 200 points for each correct answer. However, it could change to 180, 220, or something else at any time. Your score will rise as you play more games.

  7. A total of five questions are asked at each level or round. You will be given a scorecard at the end of the five questions.

  8. The detailed explanations for each question are located just below the Score Card. Whether your answer is correct or incorrect, it will explain each question with examples. When you touch on a question, a card will display with the meaning, definition, opposite, and similar words for that term.

How to download this amazing word coach game?

You can’t download it, but you can play it in your Google Web browser by typing “Word Coach” or by searching for a word’s meaning or using Google Translator, and it will appear right below the Google word meaning and translation box. It is not required to appear at all times. It is possible that it will not appear in your country.

The Official Word Coach Game is not available for download. However, we have provided various methods for you to attempt in order to get the Google Word Coach game.

WAY- 1

You can play this game right from your phone’s Google Search. Simply open your SmartPhone’s Google Chrome Browser or Google Search Engine and type “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach” into the search box. After you’ve played it a few times, it may prompt you to select an option to add to your Mobile Phone Home Screen. If you’ve logged in, you’ll notice an arrow sign or symbol in the lower left corner of the game. Simply press it. Then it will ask you where you want to put Word Coach; you may put it wherever you like.

In your smartphone’s display, a shortcut icon for the game will appear. When you first open it, It will take you to Google’s Word Coach game.


The Google Word Coach Game does not have an official app; it simply surfaces in Google Search results when you search for any word meaning or put “Word Coach” into Google. Perhaps Google will release such an app in the future. There is currently only an icon button accessible. However, on the Google Play Store, you can find other apps that are comparable to Word Coach. However, I must suggest that looking for any Word Coach software on Google is preferable.

On the Google Play Store, there are a number of vocabulary-building game apps.

  1. Word Coach
  2. Word Up-Word Coach Game And Quiz
  3. Vocabulary Builder-Test Prep
  4. Free Offline Word Games Brain Test
  5. Fun Word Games & Offline Brain Game
  6. Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards
  7. Word Connect – Word Games Puzzle
  8. English Vocabulary Test
  9. Learn English Words Free
  10. Word Coach Ielts And Gre Vocabulary Builder And Quiz

You may get these Google Word Coach Game Apps in the Play Store. However, these are not the official Google Word Coach Game apps. We’ve included some Google Word Coach Game Apps. You can compare these apps to see which one best suits your needs. You can also try out some other apps that aren’t included here. Simply download and install these programmes, then tell us about your experience.


You can search “Google Word Coach Download APK” You can use this technique as well, but we do not suggest it because these are third-party programmes.

Furthermore, the security aspects of such programmes are not guaranteed. It is preferable to conduct a search on the Google Play Store.

Shortcomings of Google word coach game

Although Word Coach assists users in easily adding thousands of words to their minds who are not fluent in English. However, there are certain disadvantages to this game.

The following are some disadvantages:

  1. It doesn’t work without an internet connection and can’t be used offline.

  2. The game’s primary flaw is that it does not save your score when you close the browser. Every time you open the game, you must begin from the beginning.

Google support centre

If you have a problem or a complaint regarding Word Coach, please contact us. Then, for any difficulty, you can go to Google’s support centre, community discussion, and announcements. And make a note of your grievance there.

These are some of the difficulties and complaints that users have brought up, which they have responded to in the form of a FAQ – frequently asked questions section. You can look them up.