Affiliate marketing is a network and performance based marketing technique. Where you place your website links/product links on other websites where your potential customers are most likely to visit. This link placement is a win-win situation for both the parties as you get more traffic and increased sales via affiliate links and affiliate receives commission for every sale completed through a link on his property.

With influencer culture touching the heights, affiliate marketing is growing rapidly. It is an easy, hassle free and profitable means of earning some extra income. Being an affiliate marketing company we assist you on both ends.If you are a service provider we arrange the best affiliates for you. And if you are interested in affiliate marketing, we look out for an appropriate opportunity for you.

Trusted affiliate marketing agency in India

To assist you in increasing your site traffic and getting you closer to your sales targets through affiliate marketing.

Digilink Ads has a record of successful social media marketing campaigns. Our social media experts have been successfully guiding people in their journey of affiliate marketing. If you are willing to increase your site traffic or you want to get your hands on some extra commission income you have reached the exact right place.

Our professional expertise and guidance would do wonders for your business and growth of personal income. Here is what sets digilink Ads apart from our competitors in the field of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing consultation

Our experienced team of affiliate marketing provides right guidance and support to you. Their expertise comes handy while designing an affiliate marketing campaign for your business. From graphic design to one liner call to actions they will plan everything in your favor in order to yield prosperous marketing results for you.

Integrated marketing approach

We are a full fledged digital marketing agency that deals in all branches of digital marketing. We do a detailed analysis of your past and present online campaigns, your brand status socially and then plan any affiliate marketing programme for you. Not just this we also advise you if there are any other marketing practices beneficial for you. You can check our digital marketing page for more details.

Sought after affiliate recruitment

For an affiliate marketing program to run successfully, it falls in the hands of the affiliate marketing expert to recruit affiliates effectively. We reach out to valuable and relevant networkers, influencers, bloggers, content creators so that your product gathers a massive reach. With that we extend full support in payments management, campaign development, technical support for the smooth running of the affiliate project.


Yes we make sure to keep a track of how your affiliate programme is performing and share the required report with you.

Affiliates are the kind of your sales partners in the form of individuals, websites, and companies that share your affiliate links and promote your sales.

There is not a fixed commission rate. It depends upon the type of product and varies for every affiliate depending upon its network. Generally commission is based on percentage of total sales

For ex 5% of the total sales generated through your affiliate link