Opting for local SEO services can boost your business immensely. It helps the customers in your nearby proximity to find you and recognise you as their go to neighbourhood service provider. By ignoring the the scope of local SEO, you may lose quality traffic and to say quality business.

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Local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that is used during digital marketing operations of a business. It helps to rank your website or your business in location based searches .

For example- If you are in the business of mobile phone repair and anyone searches for a mobile phone repair shop/ mobile phone repair company/ mobile phone repair service in your proximity then your business details will rank in the search results enhancing your chance of getting more business .


Optimizing your business for local SEO provides your business with a chance to showcase your business in front of the potential customers. By opting for Local seo services you serve your customers exactly what they are looking for. There are multiple reasons as to why local seo can benefit your business .

  1. Enhanced online visibility to local customers
    This is a top notch strategy for generating valuable leads for your business. More online visibility leads to more traffic, more enquiries and eventually more sales. A well executed seo plan works wonder for your business by showing you in the top results .

  2. Increases store traffic
    Local SEO is still relevant to your business if you don’t operate online and just have a physical store. For a physically present store, the more the footfall, the more the business is a simple rule. And this is where local seo helps you. In a defined geographic area it reflects your name on the top to the people who are interested in products or services offered by you .

  3. Increased web traffic and sales from local visitors
    With a well managed seo campaign and niche targeting you would definitely gain valuable leads and enhanced sales. A geographically targeted seo campaign leads to high conversion rates.
    For example- If you are a cloud kitchen and opt for our local seo services we will target a geographical area within 5-10 kms of your radius. As more people in your area would be introduced with your business there are high chances of them for placing an order with you .


Being a leading seo agency in India we specialize in different types of SEO campaigns including local seo campaigns. As a part of our professional local seo services there are a number of amenities that we provide you

  1. studying your local competition
    To better understand and optimize your local seo operations and gain you some advantage over your competitors we ensure to study and analyse your local competition .
  2. list and monitor you in local citations
    Directories and listings on the internet can drive as an important local seo tool for you. Having your business registered in your industry specific and area specific online directories can be really favourable to your business

  3. Google my business account
    This GMB account serves as a stepping stone in your entire local seo business. We ensure to list your business with the truest information. It is essential to keep your GMB account updates with your current address and contact details .

  4. Link building
    To add more authenticity to your business we work on your business website and fetch you links from related and trusted websites. This bit is essential for flow of traffic to your website and brings in more business to you .

  5. Tracking and analysing
    After implementing our seo strategy we constantly monitor and analyse the performance. Marketing is all about experimentation and we keep modifying the campaign until it delivers the best results .

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